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Are you thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies? One service gaining popularity is NEXO. Continue reading for my review of NEXO!


In the simplest form, NEXO is basically an online crypto bank that offers savers to earn crypto in the form of interest or borrowers to borrow crypto and paying interest.

NEXO was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Switzerland and has grown to over 4 million users and services available in over 200 jurisdictions.


Crypto Trading

NEXO allows you to purchase 40 different digital assets with credit card or bank account. They also allow you to trade between different assets using their exchange.


You can earn a return on the digital assets you own.  NEXO supports 34 assets (at the time of writing) with ranges ranging from 3% to 17% depending on asset and how much NEXO you invest in.  You can get paid either in-kind (invested asset) or in NEXO token (more in this later).  Better yet, interest is paid out daily!


You can borrow against your crypto holdings by putting your crypto as collateral for your credit line. I do not recommend this service for those that are new to crypto because this should only be used by folks who really understand crypto, the risks, and opportunities they can use the crypto for.


NEXO offers a MasterCard branded card and allows the user to earn up to 2% of their purchases made on the card.  The rewards are paid in either Bitcoin at 0.5% or NEXO at 2%.  The card is linked to the account and features can be controlled using NEXO app such as freezing the card, changing your pin as well as track transactions with notifications.


Nexo also has their own digital asset or token that you can purchase. Purchasing and holding this token allows you to unlock higher rewards and benefits such as:

  • higher earn rates
  • higher cashback on crypto purchases
  • lower borrowing rates
  • increase in the amount of free withdrawals
  • voting on NEXO governance



Governments have been trying to increase regulatory oversight of these crypto exchange and services over time. This may result in changes to interest earn rates as well as other limitations.  Every jurisdiction will have different risks in this so it is best to stay tuned to the news.


Just like any asset, the price that you purchase the crypto with may decrease in value.  Please do not investment more money than you are comfortable with potentially losing on.


Overall, NEXO offers very good earn rates compared to their competitors. Their app interface is clean and relatively easy to use.  Whether you are new to crypto or already use another services, NEXO is worth looking into to either start saving in crypto or diversify your holdings to multiple services.

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