Are you thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies, earn some interest or get cashback in the form of crypto? One of the fastest growing services is Let’s take a look at what they offer in this review.

WHAT IS CRYPTO.COM? has been one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency services in past few years. They are known for their big sponsorships and ads to get the word out about cryptocurrencies and their services.

Their vision is “Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet” and with a mission to “Accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency”

CRYPTO.COM CRONOS TOKEN (CRO) also has their own digital asset or token that you can purchase and hold. Purchasing and holding this token allows you to unlock higher rewards and benefits such as:

  • Higher earn rates
  • Improved rewards and higher cashback on VISA spend
  • Lower borrowing rates
  • Higher CRO staking rewards


Crypto Buy and Sell offers buying and selling of over 250 cryptocurrencies using over 20 fiat currencies.  They have one of the most extensive access to cryptocurrencies and have also started an NFT marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs.

Earn and Borrow

You can earn a return on the digital assets you own. supports over 40 assets (at the time of writing) with ranges ranging from 1% to 14.5% depending on asset and how much CRO you stake as well as lock in term that ranges from flexible to 3 months. Another factor to the rate will be how much is being deposited. There are various tiers and the more that is the staked, the lower the rate. This is a result of the company’s mission to expand the userbase rather than have just a few large wealthy owners take up the pie.

You can borrow against your 50% of your crypto holdings by putting your crypto as collateral.  This service supports 25 currencies ranging from 8-12% interest charged.  The interest rate will depend on how much CRO is staked.

Metal Visa Card offers a unique VISA prepaid credit card and they have a few distinguishing features compared to other cards in the market. The amount of CRO token you stake will determine which card tier you are eligible for. There are various benefits the card can potentially offer depending on tier.

  • % CRO rewards on card spend
  • The card is made up metal rather than plastic (except for their Midnight Blue card).
  • Spotify / Netflix / Amazon Prime reimbursements in their token
  • Airport lounge access
  • Bonus Expedia and/or Airbnb rewards back on spend
  • Interest on staked CRO

While the card is a prepaid card, they are expanding the services to more jurisdictions to allow for credit against crypto holdings.  This allows you to spend using the VISA card “on credit” for up to 7 days without interest being charged.  This feature makes the card more like a credit card than a prepaid card.

ADVANCED SERVICES also offers more advanced services such as advanced trading, DEFI wallet. I won’t get further into these services as these are for more advanced users and this review is for those that are not yet at the advanced stage yet.



Governments have been trying to increase regulatory oversight of these crypto exchange and services over time. This may result in changes to interest earn rates as well as other limitations.  Every jurisdiction will have different risks in this so it is best to stay tuned to the news.


Just like any asset, the price that you purchase the crypto with may decrease in value.  Please do not investment more money than you are comfortable with potentially losing on.

Growing Pains’s advertising blitz in the past year has resulted in explosive growth for the company and thus has resulted in numerous changes to their earn and credit card programs.  Earn rates have been reduced a few times over the last few months alone and the credit card rewards have reduced recently.

FINAL THOUGHTS has grown exponentially in the past year and many changes have really rubbed initial users the wrong way but the company is still relatively young and growing pains are expected.  The VISA card, while not as good as it used to be, still offers good rewards on Netflix and Spotify if you use those services.  Earn rates are only really good up until $3,000 then I would use a separate service if yield is your main concern.  For more yield, I would use NEXO. Click here to see my review of NEXO.

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If you got this far, thank you for reading my review!